Mutt and Jeff(1913)



导演:Bud Fisher 

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Plot Summary:It is election year and Amang Deogracias is challenging the incumbent Pepe Ilustre for the gubernatorial seat of the province. Amang has just married Elena, formerly the family nursemaid, much to the chagrin of his two elder children: Andrea, now running for the position of the town mayor; Alfonso; and the youngest child Angelo, who is in favor of this union. Pepe is related to the province's most influential political family by marriage and his wife's family will do everything to hold on to power by any way possible, including an assassination attempt. On the night of the election, at the miting de avance of Amang's party, a bomb was placed under the stage and Amang dies. Much to the surprise of everyone including his partymates, Amang anoints Elena in his deathbed as his replacement for the gubernatorial seat. The sympathy vote went to Elena's favor and wins against Pepe as the new provincial governor. Elena promises to clean the province of all the corruption as she also swears never to wear anything but black until she rids the province of all the dirt and avenges her husband's death. With Zaldie, Amang's trusted aide, Angelo and Pacita, her sister at her lone side, Elena boldly pursues a dangerous and almost impossible quest to fulfill all her promises to her province and to her family.