DNA²D・N・A² ~何処かで失くしたあいつのアイツ~(1994)

又名:DNA²: Dokokade nakushita aitsu no aitsu


主演:难波圭一 富永美伊奈 林原惠美 笠原弘子 

导演:坂田纯一 编剧:桂正和 Masakazu Katsura/浦畑达彦 Tatsuhiko Urahata


日期 资源名称
2019-05-12 DNA² (Dublado) Anime
2019-05-12 DNA2 Completa Español Latino



Plot Summary:A time traveler goes back to present day Japan to prevent super-lover from being created and later taking over the world. What she does find is a nerdy boy who literally vomits whenever a girl arouses him. She shoots him with a special chemical coated dart in order to prevent the potential personality magnetism from emerging, only to learn that she has created it in him instead. Now she must work with the guy to prevent the evil seducer side of him from becoming dominate, without herself falling for him in the process.
故事讲述西元2060年的地球,人口爆炸,造成严重的社会问题,为了抑制入人口,凡是生育超过一个小孩的人都必须处死。岂料有一个超级花花公子竟然让100个女人怀孕,导致生下100个具有相同好色基因(DNA)的小孩散布在世界各地。为了解决这个可怕的问题,未来政府派遣一位少女特使--加林,穿越时空来到90 年代,试图找出这个16岁的高中嫌犯:超级花花公子……