Café Forte(2008)

• 美国
导演: Thomas Corkran 语言:英语 imdb:tt1243925
上映时间 • 2008
Café Forte详情...

When a young artist named Mika walks into a coffee house called Cafe Forte, she soon discovers a world where caricatures on the wall communicate with the Cafe patrons by way of elaborate rhythm and dance. While waiting for her Cafe latte, Mika witnesses an irritable man named Gren stumble into the café to find himself haunted by the animated caricatures on the wall. An eclectic rhythm ensemble performed by both the illustrations and café patrons slowly sinks into Grens skin until he eventually becomes the ensemble's conductor conducting the café to a roaring finale before walking out a revived man. Cafe Forte is an off-beat look at an urban café through the eyes ears of an on-beat artist.